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» IMPORTANT: Forum access post-WoD go-live
Oct 14, 2014 - 8:31 PM - by Afterglow
Over the last 6 months we have seen a number of guild members leave in order to continue raiding etc.

In preparation for the next expansion, we will be cleaning up access to the forums, so if you are still a member and intend to remain a member please post in this thread and your access will remain post launch.
» Malkorok HC
Dec 05, 2013 - 11:37 PM - by Shivmaster
We actually got to raid on thursday this week Got a screenshot and a video so you know I'm not lying.

+ YouTube Video
ERROR: If you can see this, then YouTube is down or you don't have Flash installed.

» Another day, another kill...
Nov 10, 2013 - 10:59 PM - by Shivmaster
Nazgrim HC. 3 hc bosses in 3 days...

» Kor'kron Dark Shaman 7/14 HC
Nov 07, 2013 - 11:02 PM - by Shivmaster
Fun fight...

» Paper Juggernaut down for 6/14 HC
Nov 06, 2013 - 10:41 PM - by Shivmaster
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